Dairy-free creamy soups (with vegan options)

Its been a bit of a rough week for me, including, in no particular order: Vicodin, stitches, a referral for physical therapy and orders for soft foods. 

I started the week with a bit of oral surgery and ended it with an adductor strain that will probably bench me from my next half-marathon. So, I can’t really chew and I can’t really work out. As you might expect, it’s a bit of a challenge finding soft foods that are still relatively heathy and that don’t contain dairy. 

Here are some of the soups that helped me through the week:

Black bean-tomato soup from myrecipes.com

I just leave the cilantro-lime cream off my portion, sometimes swapping in some diced avocado if I have a ripe one around. This time I skipped the bacon because I didn’t have any on hand and used olive oil instead. Honestly, I didn’t taste a difference, so this soup can easily be made vegan. And opening a few cans is easy enough to do when feeling under the weather.

North African Carrot Soup with Chermoula from feasting at home

This is one of my all time favorite soups. Again, I just leave off the sour cream garnish, the chermoula is plenty tasty. This can be made vegan as well.

Roasted red pepper-cauliflower soup from myrecipes.com

This was very simple. Since I was feeling poorly, I skipped roasting the peppers myself and just used jarred peppers. I made a half recipe and one jar was plenty. If you’re making a full recipe and don’t want to roast peppers, two jars should be fine. I left out the sugar completely, it wasn’t necessary.

Kale and cauliflower  soup with kale chips from brooklyn supper.

We like anything with celery root and this was no exception. It is a rich, green color and absolutely delicious. I skipped the kale chips because I wasn’t supposed to eat anything sharp, but I’m looking forward to adding them next time. Vegan as written, if you choose the vegetable broth option.

All photos are from the recipes sites linked, I wasn’t really up to taking my own. 

Popcorn Madness, Round Two: Carolina Dirt vs Everything Bagel

I picked up this bottle of Carolina Dirt BBQ rub in a specialty food store while visiting Saratoga Springs, NY this fall. It’s insane. I want to try all the other rubs and sauces and visit the Chicago restaurant, but that’s for another day. Just trust me when I say it’s fantastic on popcorn. Fantastic. 

The Carolina Dirt popcorn had a tough matchup with Everything Bagel, which I’ve made a few times before, inspired by my local favorite, and number one post- long-run breakfast. It was a really tough call, but Carolina Dirt won out in the end. I think we ate about 6 cups of popcorn before deciding. Tough job, but someone had to do it.

You can find more instructions on dairy-free popcorn here, and of course, if butter works for you, by all means, add it. 

Carolina Dirt Popcorn

Three cups air-popped popcorn

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tablespoons Carolina Dirt BBQ rub

Toss all ingredients together in a large bowl. Try to share.

Everything Bagel Popcorn

Three cups air-popped popcorn 

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon onion flakes

1 tablespoon garlic flakes

1 tsp poppy seeds

1 tsp sesame seeds

Kosher salt

Instructions: Toss all ingredients together in a large bowl. Taste and add more garlic or onion if you want a more highly flavored popcorn.

Winner: Carolina Dirt (by a nose)