Popcorn Madness

One of my coworkers introduced me to the whirlypop a few months ago and my boss hooked me up with some “hull-less” kernels. Since then I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of crazy combinations. As dairy is something I should avoid, the recipes in this series are all dairy free, but you can certainly add melted butter. I mean, what isn’t improved with melted butter? 

We decided to have fun with all the crazy combinations and do a little March Madness-style bracket competition. First up, we have the somewhat redundant Chili-Cayenne vs. the unusual Wasabi-Seaweed.

I loved the Wasabi-Seaweed. The Chili-Cayenne was also good, but not as unique. Ted liked the Chili-Cayenne, but the Wasabi-Seaweed was too “fishy.” As much as I would have liked to give the win to Wasabi, we decided to let Chili-Cayenne advance to round two.

All of the recipes start with hot popcorn made in the whirlypop, or any kind of air popped popcorn you like. The amount of seasoning is going to be up to you as well.

Chili-Cayenne Popcorn

3 cups cooked hot popcorn

1 tsp olive oil

A couple of shakes of chili powder

Two pinches of cayenne (then wash your hands right away)

Kosher salt

Place the popcorn in a bigger bowl than you think you’ll need. Drizzle the olive oil over the popcorn and salt liberally. Add chili powders to taste. Toss.

Wasabi-Seaweed Popcorn

3 cups cooked hot popcorn

1 tsp olive oil

Kosher salt

1/2 package Trader Joes Roasted Seaweed Snack with Wasabi, minced

Place the popcorn in a bigger bowl that you think you’ll need, drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle salt and seaweed. Toss.

Winner: Chili-Cayenne


3 thoughts on “Popcorn Madness

  1. Terry flanagan March 7, 2015 — 8:27 pm

    When’s the next matchup?


    1. Round One, Game Two is this afternoon. Results will be posted soon!


      1. Round one, game two results have been posted


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